7 Signs You Are in a Karmic Relationship

7 Signs You Are in a Karmic Relationship

Often times karmic relationships get confused with soulmates, however, they are actually much different.

While both karmic lovers and soulmates are people whom you feel deep connections with, only soulmates are meant to spend your life with you.

Karmic relationships, on the other hand, are meant to be intense yet brief. Entering your life only to teach you a lesson, and then often leaving as quickly as they came.

Here are seven signs you are involved in a karmic relationship right now.

1. You feel addicted

When you feel so enchanted by your partner that you can’t leave his or her side, it’s time to get suspicious. This is especially true if you are experiencing a lot of negative emotions from your time together, yet you feel like you can’t leave. Similar to alcoholism, you know that something is bad for you yet you can’t help but repeat the same mistakes over and over. If you’re with someone who puts you down, only leaving you to feel lost without them, they are a Karmic lover.

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