Best time of year to visit Cairo
Best time of year to visit Cairo

Best time of year to visit Cairo

I would say anytime but summer (May to September).

Winter can get pretty cold in Cairo too, so if your accommodation doesn’t have a heating, which is very likely if it’s a budget hotel or hostel, it can get tough.

On winter I would recommend going south and visiting Luxor, Abu Simbel, Marsa Alam and the other locations in Upper Egypt, where the temperatures keep very warm throughout the year.

Another thing you might want to consider is Ramadan – since most clubs, shops, and companies are closed during this month, it is definitely interesting but there won’t be much to do.

Favorite Side-trip from Cairo

I love Cairo because in a 2 hours range you can go from the sea to the desert! I will list 3 beautiful side trips that you can have in one day:

The pyramids of Saqqara, Dahshur and Memphis: did you know that there are many more pyramids in Egypt other than the Giza ones?

Dahshur has 3 pyramids and is much less touristy than Giza.

You can enter the “Red Pyramid” and you won’t find any crowd or tout around it. Memphis was the ancient capital of Egypt, and Saqqara is where the famous “Step Pyramid” is located, together with its temple.

If you want to go to the sea, Ein El Sokhna is the closest beach resort to Cairo. You can get there in about 2 hours, driving east. There is no coral reef or anything, and the place is not too crowded as Sharm El Sheikh, so it’s very quiet and simple.

Another option is driving north to the so-called “North Coast”, on the Mediterranean Sea. There are some beautiful beach resorts up there, such as Marsa Matrouh for example.

Last but not least, at just about 2 hours driving south of Cairo you can get to the oasis of El Fayoumwith its lovely towns, lake and pottery factories.

Just outside of the oasis there is the beautiful desert of Wadi el Hitan (the valley of the whales) and Wadi el Rayan, where you can ride beautiful dunes, camp and see the fossils of sea plants and fish that used to live there when the desert was once an ocean… how fascinating!

Best “insiders” tip for Cairo

There’s a “drive through” version of nearly anything in Cairo: you can stop by a kiosk and get your drinks, food, ice-cream or even shisha directly on your car.

This is something very typical and fun! Ask your Egyptian friends to take you to some of these places and you’ll definitely have a good laugh together with yummy meals.

Fruit juices are sold at kiosks on the streets and are as cheap as refreshing. In Egypt I ate the tastier fruit ever, and no I have never been sick.

For some more beautiful views over Cairo you can enjoy sitting on the edge of the flat Moqattam mountain, overlooking the city. They also serve drinks and shisha up there, but the cafes tend to be a bit too pricey if compared to other places in Downtown.

An experience that I recommend to everyone is visiting the so-called “Garbage City”, an area where people literally live in the garbage, spending their lives separating the trash and selling the different materials to make a living out of it.

It goes without saying, Garbage City is a very poor area. It’s a Christian neighborhood and after you cross it all (a strong experience itself) you are “rewarded” by the magnificent view of the Cave Churches.

I know there are people that would never dare going to Garbage City, but I also believe that in order to fully understand where we are, we can’t only see the beautiful sides of the places we visit.

I love Cairo because

I love Cairo because it’s impossible to get bored when you’re there.

It’s a safe and incredibly lively city.

People here are friendly and helpful, and I met some of my best friends during my stay in Cairo.

I love Cairo because it’s an affordable place to live in.

It’s a city where you can find anything you want, and if you are stressed by its hectic life you can reach the peace of the desert or the sea in just a couple of hours.

I love Cairo because even in the worst traffic you sometimes spot the pyramids on the horizon, or you find yourself crossing one of the countless bridges on the Nile, and you are therefore constantly reminded of the magnificent history of this place, and you can’t help feeling a profound awe, reverence, and respect towards it.

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