Should We Break Up? 6 Signs Your Broken Relationship Is Unfixable
Should We Break Up? 6 Signs Your Broken Relationship Is Unfixable

Should We Break Up? 6 Signs Your Broken Relationship Is Unfixable

Ending a relationship or marriage is never an easy thing to do. Best case scenario, you both agree it is time to say goodbye and move on.

REALITY CHECK- more often than not at least one partner isn’t going to want the relationship to end.

If you find yourself in this dreaded position of asking yourself should we break up? Or should I end it now and move on, take a moment to examine the relationship for these 6 signs. They will reveal the truth.

1. You have stopped trying.

If one or both of you have stopped working toward fixing your problems as a couple, then there is no longer a relationship, just one person that refuses to let go. Don’t waste your time. If you have emotionally shut down, it’s clearly time to move on.

2. Cheating happens again and again.

If you have cheated on your man repeatedly or he has cheated on you a bunch of times, it’s definitely time to say goodbye – forever.

While some couples are able to forgive and forget (usually one-time events), the great majority simply can’t. Lying to yourselves that you will work things out and learn to love one another is just that – a lie.

Not everyone can commit to a single person, and if he feels the need to continually cheat on you with other women, or you feel the need to see other men, then there is definitely something wrong with your relationship. Wrong beyond repair. It’s time to break up and go find a man that really wants to be with you or the man you truly want to be with.

3. You’re no longer feel attracted to him.

Whether we are talking about emotional or physical attraction, the lack of the same libido or an emotional rupture, loss of common interests and beliefs, they all signal the death of the relationship.

4. Verbal or physical abuse – red alert!

If you are involved in an abusive relationship, whether it is verbal or physical abuse you need to drop everything and get out of it as soon as possible!

There is absolutely no reason why you should continue to be in such a poisonous relationship. Ask for help if you feel you cannot do it on your own – your family, friends, or the authorities can help you move, get away from your abusive partner, and set up a restraining order for domestic violence cases.

Side Note: I’m not a fan of restraining orders at all. A piece of paper isn’t going to stop a lunatic that wants to hurt you from moving forward with his plans. That’s why as soon as my daughters are old enough I’m taking them to the gun range. Protect yourselves ladies.

5. He’s an addict.

Whether we are talking about alcohol or drug abuse, addictions are not easy to cope with. And if he’s not showing any signs of wanting to get help and treatment, you shouldn’t stay in the relationship. Addictions are devastating, but his addiction shouldn’t devastate your life, so walk away for good, or at least until he gets himself in order.

6. The fighting never ends. 

While arguing can signal that you are both fighting to fix the problems in the relationship, continual fights for months or weeks at a time is a sign that you will likely never see eye to eye.

Sometimes two people’s differences in opinions can never be resolved, and the issue at hand will always be a recurring source of arguments and stress.

This type of relationship is not only bad for your health, but it’s broken beyond repair.


While you are standing on the edge, remember the faster you take the jump, the better off you will be. It is pointless to hold onto a broken relationship.

Get on your feet and start walking. Not all relationships end with children and a happy marriage. The faster you break up with an incompatible partner, the faster you can run towards genuine happiness… And not a mere illusion.